Learning Knowledge During COVID-19

In-school classes have been cancelled due to COVID-19, and many families are working and learning from home. They say these are "extraordinary times"- to me they seem like challenging times, especially if you have school, college or university level children who need to learn or need some extra assistance with their studies.


If you are lucky enough to have a school that has moved to an online learning approach, Google Classroom and Zoom gives the ability to continue to connect face-to-face.Learning and instruction can continue without interruption, facilitated by a platform that enables instruction, assessment, and feedback through virtual classrooms, video-based feedback and video assignments, annotations, and rubrics. However, for those students who may require additional support or motivation, this type of learning can also be challenging, not only to hold the student's attention for long periods of time, but to just learn period!



So what is the solution to both of these scenarios?


Whether students are stuck learning on their own at home, and parents are struggling to create structured lessons or in an online situation, but need some extra assistance, parents and/or young adult students, should consider using an online tutor.


An Online Tutor can:

-identify your child's unique challenges and come up with a solid learning plan.

-ensure your child is on track to meet their educational goals.


What are the benefits of an Online Tutor?

-One-on-one attention

-Improves academic performance

-Improves self-esteem and learning confidence

-Improves work and study habits

-Helps overcome learning obstacles

-Increases the ability to manage one's learning

-Challenges those who need it

-Prepares students for College/University


Overall, online tutoring lets a student learn from the comfort of their own home (where they feel safe during these challenging times), and with fewer students and disruptions like an in-class environment, a student will be able to better focus on their learning. Online tutoring can help students who struggle to keep up, as well as those who are not challenged enough. Most of all, it will keep students on track during these "challenging times" and allow them to continue with their learning. is here to help. Contact Samantha for a FREE online consultation today!



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