Read a Book!

In a world of technology it is easy to forget to read...


Did you know that reading can keep your mind active and engaged?


In fact, studies show that those that read have higher GPA’s, higher intelligence, and general knowledge than those that don’t. Reading is also a great way to increase your vocabulary! Some scientists have also concluded that reading is a use-it-or-lose-it process. For example, research supports that if an adolescent forgoes reading in favor of lying on the couch, and playing video games that those unused synapses in the brain will be pruned. Research also shows that avid readers:

  • Read and concentrate better
  • Have an easier time processing information
  • Write better- the more you read, the better writer you'll become
  • Develop an ability to understand how other people think and feel
  • Acquire the ability to understand how unrelated facts can fit into a whole- improved analytical thinking

But, even after reading the previous facts, some of you may still be questioning WHY is reading so important? In this day and age, with television to give us news and DVD's to entertain us, WHO needs to read???


The Answer. EVERYONE!!!